A Nativity Presentation usually presented by school children is a regular sight in catholic schools and parishes over the Christmas Season. The presentation narrates the story of the birth of our Lord Jesus allowing the children to retell the story and providing the parishioners an opportunity for meditation.

Parishioners and visitors at our parish enjoyed the first-ever Nativity Presentation at our Parish. The presentation was titled “The Star of Christmas” and the beautiful retelling of the story of Christ’s birth was performed by children from our parish. Song and dance numbers were also incorporated into the presentation giving children at our parish in different age groups to showcase their talents. The presentation was led by the Youth for Christ (YFC) and the Kids for Christ (KFC)

The Nativity Presentation was supposed to be held on Christmas Day but it was moved to the 3rd of January 2021 before the 11:00 AM Sunday Mass. The decision to move it to a later date was made for the safety of the community and the performing children given the health & safety concerns imposed by the pandemic.

We are grateful to all involved in the creation of this presentation. God bless us all!


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