The St. Joseph's Church

Our new church was named after St. Joseph, patron and protector of the Catholic Church. Bishop Joseph Prathan Sridarunsil, Head of the Catholic Church in Southern Thailand was the patron of the project to build St. Joseph’s Church in Phuket. The diocese of Surathani acquired the piece of land in Soi 8 Pasak,, approximately 3 rai in size, in April 2010, on which the church now stands.

Construction of the church began in August 2013 and we opened on July 6th, 2014. The design, drawing, and layout to which the church was being built has a normal capacity of 180 in the main area of worship and incorporate in its design, features which will allow the capacity to increase substantially to cater for the seasonal surge in attendance numbers on special feast days such as Christmas and Easter. As there will likely be three Sunday Mass celebrations each week namely, Saturday twilight Mass and two Masses on Sunday, the initial capacity of 180 should comfortably cater for the expected normal attendance including the expected growth in the size of the Laguna community for a number of years.


Two small chapels have been incorporated into the design to more efficiently cater for occasions when attendance is expected to be significantly less, an example being daily weekday Mass. The design of the church complies with specific design features required by the Catholic Church and some of these would include a sacristy, baptismal font, confessionals, etc.

The two smaller chapels will be used for conducting catechism classes, bible studies, individual and group spiritual counseling, Couples For Christ, and community get-together to name a few. A separate residential structure is being built within the grounds to house the parish priest and the church caretaker and designated car parking spaces will be provided to meet the needs of the congregation.