Feast of Christ, King of Divine Mercy

As we reflect on what has happened to the disciples is now happening to all of us. The disciples kept themselves locked in their room because of fear – fear for the Jews, fear so many things that might happen, like their master Jesus. Fear kept them hiding. Be careful, we are now afraid (fear) of the virus, fear had us locked ourselves in our house, in our private zone, and also social distancing. We are afraid.

Jesus appears to the disciples and reminds them to not be afraid. Jesus, His presence changed their fear to courage. His presence, His resurrection, gives us reborn in baptism, in His life.

The feast of His resurrection on this Easter Season, make the church courageous (be courage) and not to be afraid, but (be) careful, with prudence, with Christ. To follow the teaching as did the disciple did on their gathering.

The Four Attitude that we learn from the disciples are:

1. Stay Together to Listen to the word of God. Listen to the word of life, the meaning of life. How to survive, how to live with faith. We listen to the word of Jesus, the Master and reflect on it
2. Stay Together as a Community. They shared their life, they shared what they have as what we are doing now. They tried to help each other in this situation. We should normally keep doing that as a Christian Community. To share our words, our life, our love to one another.
3. Celebrate the Holy Eucharist. The breaking of the bread to share the body and blood of Christ to one another in memory of Him, of Jesus Christ. Kept doing that and until today
4. Stay Together to Pray. They prayed together; they make one prayer among them to ask the Lord to be with them.
These kept repeating in the Church’s life, in our life – and this is a sign to ask for the mercy of the Lord to help them and to help us

“Blessed are those who believe but did not see.” We have never seen the Lord, but we know. We believe that the Lord Is present among us, especially on this Easter Season. From now on, in these 50 days, we will reflect on the acts of the apostles. What happened to them, what they did; and we will repeat that to celebrate the Easter of Christ, the Lord in our lives

My dear brother and sisters, let us bring courage, not be afraid because the resurrection of Christ brings us light, brings us faith, brings us love, and that is the mercy of the Lord may be upon our life and our family. Let us together repeat the word that confirmed what is in our hearts to the Lord Jesus. Jesus, I Trust in You. Amen