A Christmas Story

We were blessed to have had the opportunity to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas at St. Joseph’s Church with our recent Nativity Presentation on December 24th and 25th, 2022. Presented by the talented children of our Parish in collaboration with the Couples for Christ (CFC) Community, St. Joseph Choir, and parish volunteers, this beloved tradition was a highlight of the holiday season.

The Nativity Presentation is a special way to remember the true meaning of Christmas and find joy and inspiration in the story of Jesus’ birth. It allows children to retell the story and provides an opportunity for meditation and reflection for all who attend. We are grateful to all those who made this event possible, from the performers to the organizers and behind-the-scenes volunteers.

We are so thankful to have been able to come together as a community and celebrate the love and hope of the Christmas season at St. Joseph’s Church. The Nativity Presentation was a beautiful reminder of the joy and wonder that is at the heart of this special time of year. We look forward to many more years of this tradition and the opportunity to share the love of Christ with our community.

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